101 Ways to Cope

I’ve found over a hundred ways to cope each day in benzo withdrawal and recovery.  I will post a few each time I’m here.  I pray that they are a blessing and that God uses them to show you that He is carrying you through this, no matter how it feels.

  1. Trust God.  Easy to say, hard to do when we are dealing with all that benzos bring.  But if this process shows you anything, it’s that you can’t trust yourself.  I don’t mean that you are not trustworthy, it just means that in our own strength we can’t do this.  God can.  He is each day and He will continue to do so.  NO MATTER HOW IT FEELS.  He knows how it feels.  Jesus experienced just about everything benzos throw at us, but one thing he experienced that we never will:  separation from God while He was securing our salvation.  GOD IS YOUR GOD AND FATHER if you’ve accepted Jesus’ sacrifice that earned you eternal life.  God expects our trust just as much as our obedience.  Let’s trust that God will do everything that He needs to do to get us to where He wants us to be–spiritually, mentally and physically.
  2. Praise God.  Not sure if this is any easier than trusting God in the darkness, but praising God actually shines a light into that darkness.  The Bible says that “God inhabits the praises of His people.”  Sometimes singing praise music speaks words that you can’t express.  When you focus on the words, you are often “hiding God’s word in your heart”.  Since positive and negative thoughts both have an effect on the brain, when you’re struggling, resist telling yourself over and over that you’re struggling–that just cements it into your brain.  Sing praise instead because God literally designed it to change the brain for the better (see Dr. Caroline Leaf’s book Who Switched Off My Brain? for evidence).  I find it really helps me refocus, even if for a short time.  And the enemy of your soul doesn’t want to have anything to do with you praising God, so sing loud!