About This Blog

This blog is not about me.  It’s about a bargain I made with God.

Years ago when I survived benzo withdrawal, I promised the Lord that I would write materials that would help other followers of Jesus Christ who were going through the same experience.

But honestly, I kept putting it off.  I really didn’t want to think about everything I went through and just wanted to put it all behind me.  My plan was to never go through all of that again and never to remember how horrific it was.


God had other plans.  You know the verse, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” from Isaiah 55:8?  Well I got a big dose of that and it once again changed my life.

After a few years of healing from withdrawal, I was given a medication for what a doctor thought was a heart attack.  Thank God I wasn’t in cardiac arrest, but what no one knew was that one of the components of that cocktail threw me back into full blown withdrawal within 48 hours.

Now before you think this is going to happen to you and you have one more thing to fear, DON’T!  That is MY story, not YOURS.

While I will weave a little bit of my story in this blog, I want it to be all about the One who promises me eternal life through Jesus’ sacrifice, and the One who saved my life a few years ago.  I do not give tapering or any other advice besides keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus and sharing a little bit about what has helped me.

Just like the Christians in Benzo Recovery Facebook page I started on Facebook, this blog will hopefully be one of encouragement and hope.  There is nothing that God can’t do, especially through broken people who put their hope in Him.

So I pray that this blog, and the Facebook page if you join us there, will be a blessing to you.  I pray that God will use whatever He teaches me to give you the strength for another day.